This article will talk  about Google Shopping and how to submit both your Product Feed and Product Reviews Feed (Product Reviews XML Feed).

What is Google Shopping? 

Google Shopping is a service that allows merchant  to list their products by uploading a product feed in the Merchant Center.

In order to show product on Google Shopping, product data has to be uploaded to Google Shopping via the Merchant Center in the form of a Product Feed (Primary Feed).

In order to have your Product Reviews uploaded on Google Shopping, you need to have this formula set up correctly: Product Feed+ Product Review Feed.

Product Feed

  1.  First, you need to have product feed uploaded via Merchant Center. Here are the steps:

            Set up a Merchant Center Account at here or through Google Shopping Feed/ Shopping Feeder

        2. Next, you will have to upload your product feed. You can do it manually or through an app/ plugin/or service. We recommend Google Shopping Feed/ Shopping Feeder . It will take roughly 10 business days for Google to approve your products. Tip: You can check out how to create feed here.

After Google has scanned the details of your product feed, when you log in your Merchant Center Account/ Google Shopping App on Shopify store account, Google will let you know if your products have been approved or not.

Product Reviews Feed


  • have updated our schema to support review images in the Google Product Rating Feed. By default, pictures will automatically be included if you have enabled the feed. You can also turn off the setting in Settings> Advanced> Google Product Review Feed> Review Feed Advanced Settings, scroll down to Review Photos and click the button off. 
  • If you use, we will generate this feed for you, but you will have to add the feed to your Merchant Center Account.

Before you start, please check if you have satisfied these requirements from Google Shopping - Product Rating Program Policy

  • Google Merchant Center Account
  • Product Feeds
  • Product Identifiers that can be used by Google to match your product with product reviews (e.g GTIN, MPN+brand name, SKU)
  • At least 50 eligible product reviews
  • Enable the Product Review Feeds in (More>Setting>SEO>Google Product Review Feed and click “On”)

  • Google Shopping does not allow reviews from AliExpress so product reviews have to come from actual customers who purchased the products.

  • The next step is to Sign Up for Product Ratings by filling Product Ratings Interest Form here. (You can skip this step if the “Product Reviews” section (left hand menu) is already available to you.

Specify as your 3rd aggregator service


Provide Google with the amount of 1-5 stars ratings you have collected.

Note: You can find these collected reviews in admin app by go to More>Setting>SEO>Google Product Review Feed>Review Feed Installation Info and click (show) below "Reviews per rating:" to see the amount of 1- to 5-star ratings collected so far.

Reply to Google Products Rating Team to approval on as your 3rd aggregator service. Here is Email Text for reference: 

Note: If everything is okay, Google will follow-up with you and the "Product reviews" section is now available in your Merchant Center (left-hand menu).

You are reaching the final steps - UPLOADING PRODUCT REVEWS XML FEED. We have another article dedicated for it here.

For more information about Trouble Shooting on why your product reviews are not showing on Google Shopping, please go to