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Modified on: Wed, 10 Jul, 2019 at 10:46 PM

ReConvert is an app on the Shopify app store for "thank you" page optimization. It allows you to customize your "thank you" page with a easy to use drag & drop interface.

You can now add review stars (preview badges) to your ReConvert "thank you" page. You will be able to include the review stars to the "upsell" section and "product recommendation" section.

Here is a quick-guide how to get your star ratings (preview badges) to show  on your ReConvert "thank you page" .

1 Make sure you installed ReConvert on your Shopify store. 

2. Go to your general  settings in the Reconvert app.


3. Go to  Star reviews third party integration and select as the review app  and save the page.

4. Go back to the ReConvert dashboard and select the  theme you want to customize.


5. In the the theme editor of ReConvert select which  area you want to customize and select add section.

The stars will show in either product recommendations or product up-sell

after selecting and adding the section make sure you select to display the review stars.


6. Enjoy sharing reviews on your " thank you" page!

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