WooCommerce-specific settings

Judge.me for WooCommerce has a few specific settings which you will find in the Judge.me plugin dashboard inside your WordPress menu. (Screenshot for reference below)

If you need help from the Judge.me team for your WooCommerce shop, please provide us with an admin account to support@judge.me (Role: Administrator).

Caching plugins

Judge.me will automatically purge the cache whenever there is a new review. This is necessary so that the WooCommerce shop will load new content and not only a static page.

Currently, the following plugins are supported: WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Autoptimize, Cache Enabler, Breeze Cache, WP Fastest Cache, WP rocket.

In any case, if these plugins are using a Minify JS or Minify CSS options, it'd be better to exclude our files from it to ensure that our CSS and JS are loading correctly. You can exclude our files at: cdn.judge.me

If you still can perceive problems with the style or javascript of our widgets, try disabling the options instead (Minify JS and/or Minify CSS)

If your plugin is not in the list, please manually purge the cache daily or contact us: support@judge.me.

Synchronize WooCommerce products with Judge.me

In order to use the Judge.me features Product groups (multiple products share reviews) or Shop sync (multiple shops share reviews), you need to fully synchronize your WooCommerce products with Judge.me.

To synchronize your WooCommerce products, please go to the Judge.me plugin dashboard inside your WordPress menu. There you can click the button 'Synchronize Products' in the section 'Synchronize WooCommerce products with Judge.me' (this will not cause any delay when your product are already synchronized so feel free to click the button again if you are unsure).

You need to keep the browser open during this action. Circa 200 products are synced per second.

Export WooCommerce Reviews

The review export functionality in WooCommerce will help you to export your native WooCommerce product reviews. We will use an internal product ID to match the exported reviews with your shop's products (we don't need the SKU for that).

To export your WooCommerce product reviews, please go to the Judge.me plugin dashboard inside your WordPress menu. There you can click the button 'Export to CSV' in the section 'Export WooCommerce Reviews'.

Screenshot of the Judge.me plugin dashboard for reference

Widget Shortcode

Use this code to remove the default widgets placement

remove_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_product_summary', array( 'JGM_Widget', 'judgeme_review_widget' ), 14 ); remove_action( 'woocommerce_single_product_summary', array( 'JGM_Widget', 'judgeme_preview_badge' ), 9 ); remove_action( 'woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title', array( 'JGM_Widget', 'judgeme_preview_badge' ), 5 );

Widget shortcodes

  • preview badge (star rating badge): [jgm-preview-badge]
  • review widget: [jgm-review-widget]

Review Request timing

Review Requests are based on the order status Completed (Order fulfilled and complete – requires no further action). WooCommerce order status reference

Review Storage

We store all the reviews in our own server. On your shop we only store the first 5 reviews of each product for caching purpose (so that your customers will see the reviews immediately after loading the product page, it actually improve your site speed overall).

The subsequent reviews will be retrieved dynamically from our servers in the customer's browser and will not affect your site's performance.

Remove Duplicated AggregateRating in Woocommerce

Please follow the instruction in the article about Troubleshooting for SEO Rich Snippets.