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Review Request FAQ

Modified on: Thu, 29 Aug, 2019 at 2:09 PM

Review Request

  • Can I send a review request to non Shopify customers?

To email non-Shopify customers, please go to 'Emails' (in the top control bar) > click 'Add Manual Requests' button > upload a CSV file with old customer data. You can download a sample file on that page.

You can find more details in our help desk.

Emailing non-Shopify customers is a Free plan featur

  • Can I send review requests to old customers in Shopify?

To email old Shopify customers, please go to 'Requests' (in the top control bar) > click 'Add Manual Requests' button > select 'Send Review Requests for Old Orders'.

You can email old customers going back as far as you want by setting the date we have to go back to. We never email the same customer twice, so you can email Shopify customers in batches by always going for an older date to go back to.

You can find more details in our help desk article.

Emailing old Shopify customers is an Awesome plan feature

  • How can I send a review request to just one customer?

You can send review request manually, thereby skipping the scheduling process. In the app admin: Go to your Emails dashboard > In the column 'More' click the 'triple bar' icon and select 'Send this request now' respectively 'Send this request again'.

I am not receiving any notifications of customers leaving reviews?

Make sure all you settings are correct here You can use your public domain email adrress here e.g @gmail @hotmail @yahoo

  • Can I send out review requests after delivery?

We only send out review requests after fulfillment

You can find the detailed request timing here

  • Why can't I confirm my email for the review requests?

You can only send review requests from your own, private domain. Pubic domain emails addresses (e.g gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.) will not work.

You can use as the default email adress for sending review requests. If you current email address is unconfirmed, we will still send review requests via - so your review requests will always be sent.

You can change your settings here You can delete your current email adresss and 'Save settings' to revert back to default email (

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