• My imported reviews aren't showing up?

It sometimes takes a moment before changes will be shown inside of the review widget. Please contact if the reviews still don't show up after several hours.

  • Is there a maximum on the amount of reviews I can import?

The only limitation is the size of the file you can import in one attempt (around 20 mb). We don't limit the amount reviews you can have.

Some of my reviews didn't imported successfully and got an error message

Sometimes there are small mistakes or we can't find the right product id please contact and we can help you with your import.

  • How do I remove duplicated reviews?

To remove duplicated imported reviews please contact and we will remove them for you.

  • How do I import reviews?

Importing reviews is available on both the free and Awesome plan.

Importing reviews is very simple:

Go to our import page Import the reviews .csv, .xls or .xlsx file exactly how you exported it accepts several types of review files:

If you come from another review app, the exported file from your old review app with no changes needed If you have reviews from another source, a "direct" CSV which you can prepare using the instructions here

For more information about importing review please see our helpdesk article

  • Can I import reviews from other review apps? accepts the CSV formats (no changes needed) from the following review apps:

In the list above, click on the name of the app you come from to scroll down to the instructions on how to export the reviews CSV within that app.

  • What is the preferred CSV format I have to use for importing reviews?

If your reviews do not come from another app we support, then you can import reviews by uploading a CSV file. You can download a sample CSV file here. A list of supported apps can be found here.

A list with all the column headers can be found here

  • How do I find the Shopify product ID?

To find the Shopify product ID of a product, do as follows:

Go to the Shopify products admin( Open the product admin on the product you want to find the Shopify product ID for The URL will now be with 123456789 being the Shopify product ID If one of the two, product handle or product ID, is wrong but the other one is correct, we will still be able to import the product reviews.

  • What is a product handle and how do I find it?

The product handle is the last part of the product URL. For example, for the product handle is red-widget.

Note: If a product URL has parameters, those parameters are not part of the handle. So for the handle is still red-widget.

  • How do I upload reviews from Etsy?

We recommend using the Etsify - Import From Etsy app to get your reviews from your Etsy store and bring them to Shopify:

You can easily receive your reviews in a CSV file that can be directly imported into Product Reviews.

You can find our help desk article about this app and our integration here:

  • Can I upload reviews from Amazon or Facebook?

Platforms like Amazon / eBay / Facebook claim copyright on their reviews so they don't provide a CSV and we can't offer a direct import.

That said, there is a "direct" import method on the import page (see that you can use to import reviews from any source, as long as you have the right to the reviews you import.

  • Why aren't the imported reviews verified?

The verified buyer badge is automatically added to all reviews for which the reviewer email can be found among the emails of your shop's customers.

Please send us one of the below so that we can verify your reviews:

  1. Send us a screenshot as a sample, showing that you have previously collected verified reviews within another review app / e-commerce platform
  2. Send us an excerpt of your customer list which we can use to identify a sample of reviewers
  3. For offline sales or other online stores of you: Scan of customer list or link to the shop