• Can I choose which reviews are being displayed?

If you have disabled autopublish or enabled conditional autopublish, you have to curate reviews in order to make them appear in your store. Reviews that are not curated yet don't count towards the total rating of your products. You find all reviews you have to curate in the Tab 'Reviews to Curate' in your 'Reviews' dashboard.

  • How do I turn off the auto-publish feature?

You can find the autopublish feature in the app admin, go to: More > Settings > Review Widget > Review Curation.

The action of review curation supersedes both autopublish and conditional autopublish. For example, if you choose to publish a 1 star review, it will be published no mater of the two settings.

You can read more about our review curation feature and other review management features in our help desk.

  • Is it possible to share reviews among different products ?

Product groups allow sharing reviews among several products. All products of one product group will show all combined reviews of the products in that group.

To go to the product group settings please click here.

Please click here to see how to set up product groups

  • Can the review be edited after it has been submitted?

Users can edit their review if they go to the previous email that got sent to them to review for that specific product.

Or, you can edit the review yourself if the user allows you to do so:

1) Go to your Reviews dashboard (select the 'Reviews' button in the top right corner) 2) For the specific review, go to the 'More' column and click the 'triple bar' icon, a list will show 3) Select 'Edit review' 4) You can now change Name, Rating, Review Title, Review Body (Leaving a field blank will leave the field unchanged.) 5) Make sure to enter text in the ' Reason for edit' section so it is clear for everyone (including us) why the change happened.

After clicking 'Submit', your customer will receive an email where the edit can be disapproved.

  • Can I change the time formatting?

You can change the time stamp formatting here you can also decide to turn it off completely

  • Can you change the way reviewer names are displayed?

If you are an Awesome user you can change the way the reviewer name is displayed by going to this setting

  • Can I delete reviews?

To delete your reviews please follow these steps.

  1. Go to App in Shopify and go your review dashboard
  2. Select the "All Reviews" tab
  3. Select the reviews you want delete (click on the hide button )
  4. Go to the "Hidden Reviews" tab.
  5. In the blue header banner. click on the link Click here to delete all your hidden reviews

Please note this will delete all hidden reviews. All hidden reviews are automatically deleted after 7 days.

  • Can I reply to a review?

You can reply to a review by going to your Reviews Dashboard and clicking the “Reply” button in the “Reply” column.

Once you have written a reply, you can edit your reply by following the same process. Submitting an empty reply will remove the reply.