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Customizing the Checkout Question

Modified on: Thu, 30 May, 2019 at 11:23 PM

Customizing the Checkout Question

CSS Customization

Example CSS:

.jdgm-checkout-comment-button {   border: 3px solid red; }
.jdgm-checkout-comment-question input:focus {  outline: crimson auto 3px; }


You can exclude products from showing the Checkout Questions (text input field: Why did you buy this product?) by adding a blacklist via a <div> tag in your Additional scripts section (please see example below).

You can find this section in the Shopify Admin > Settings > Checkout > additional scripts box.

By default, if you have the enabled the Checkout Question, we add the text input field to all items (including variants) on your checkout page.

The attribute data-product-ids needs to include the list of blacklisted product IDs, such as data-product-ids='product ID 1,product ID 2'

Example code:

<div id='judgeme-blacklist-products' data-product-ids='39587381252,249306939396'></div>

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