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Customizing the Checkout Comments widget

Modified on: Tue, 20 Aug, 2019 at 2:06 PM

Customizing the Checkout Comments widget

Checkout Comment settings

You can adjust several aspects of the Checkout Comment Widget for your product page inside the Checkout Comments app admin:

  • Rename the Checkout Comment Widget Header
  • Disable the Checkout Comments Timestamp
  • Change the number of comments shown

You can also disable Comment Autopublish (automatically publishing Checkout Comments in your Checkout Comment Widget).

You can also change the Question and text input field on the checkout page by adjusting:

  • Button text (Send comment)
  • Sending button text: (Sending...)
  • Placeholder text: (Why did you buy this product?)

Advanced CSS customization

You can customize the CSS of the Checkout Comment but the code will need to be pasted into the Shopify Admin > Settings > Checkout > additional scriptsbox:

  • Change the background color of the "submit" button:
<style> .jdgm-checkout-comment-button {    background-color: #e1a511 !important; }
  • Change the color of the "submit" button's text:
<style> .jdgm-checkout-comment-button {     color: #e1a511 !important; }
  • Change the boldness of the font:
<style> .jdgm-checkout-comment-button {     font-weight: 500 !important; }
  • Add the border and set border's color of the "submit" button:
<style> .jdgm-checkout-comment-button {     border: solid 1px !important;     border-color: #4bcdda !important; }

Please contact if you have questions about other advanced CSS customizations.

Troubleshooting the Checkout page / Order Status Page

Please send us a staff account with Order permissions so that we can see your Checkout page.

The checkout page can be found here: Shopify Admin > Order > any order > More actions > View order status page

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