You have a store on AliExpress and want to add your existing reviews to your Shopify store? We have AliExpress Review Importer, a free tool that allows you to import your AliExpress reviews easily. You can install the AliExpress Review Importer from the Shopify app store.


  1. Import your reviews with AliExpress Review Importer
  2. Import reviews to multiple products with predetermined import settings
  3. Manage your imported reviews
  4. Export your reviews
  5. Show your reviews

If you have any questions or problems when using AliExpress Review Importer, please check our FAQ section for some common topics.

1. Import your reviews with AliExpress Review Importer

  • From your Shopify admin dashboard, go to Apps > AliExpress Review Importer
  • AliExpress Review Importer helps you import reviews from AliExpress products for free. After importing your reviews, you can install Product Reviews for free to automatically display your imported reviews and star ratings on your store's pages. Otherwise, you can export the reviews to a CSV file so you can use them with any review app of your choice.

  • You can watch the video to learn more about the app before importing reviews. Then click Start importing now to enter the dashboard. 

  • Click Import Reviews from AliExpress or Import AliExpress Reviews to start importing

  • When the pop-up appears, fill in all the necessary information, including the URL of the AliExpress product and the name of the Shopify product to which you want to import the reviews from AliExpress. You can find the Shopify product by typing its name in the box.
  • You can apply specific criteria in AliExpress Review Importer to get the set of reviews you want. Learn more about the meaning of these import criteria here.
  • You can import up to 500 reviews at one time, and you can make an unlimited amount of repeat imports. The more reviews you import, the longer the import process will take. After every import, you can see the results on your home dashboard.

  • Although it's not possible to sync the new reviews on AliExpress with your Shopify store, you can manually update new reviews for the same Shopify products by repeating the import. To do that:
    • Go to the home dashboard, find the product you want to update reviews
    • Click the Repeat button on the right of that product. When you hit the Repeat button, the settings you applied for your last import will be used.

2. Import reviews to multiple products with predetermined import settings

You can create Import Settings to save your preferred settings. Then, you can quickly apply the same Import Settings over and over again for multiple products in the Products dashboard.

  • From the main navigation buttons, click Import Settings. Then Create Import Settings.

  • Choose the settings you want: number of reviews to import, minimum rating, country filters, etc. Then click Save import settings.

  • Go back to the Products dashboard. Find the products you want to import reviews.
  • Input the AliExpress product link, and choose the Import Settings you just created from the drop-down list.
  • Click Import reviews and wait for your reviews to be imported.

2. Manage your imported reviews

From the home dashboard, you can click on the individual links to see imported reviews of individual products, or click the Reviews button to see all the imported reviews.

From the AliExpress Reviews dashboard, you can Edit or Delete your reviews.

All your AliExpress imported reviews will be added automatically to Reviews dashboard and you can manage them from there as well.

3. Export your reviews

From the home dashboard, click the Export Reviews button to export your reviews. You can choose to export your reviews in format or Shopify Reviews format, then we will send a CSV file to your email.

4. Show your reviews

Our AliExpress Review Importer app will only help you import reviews from AliExpress. If you want to display these reviews on your store, you can install the Product Reviews app and set up the Review Widget has a completely free plan that synchronizes with AliExpress Review Importer to publish your reviews in your store automatically. If you'd like to show your reviews using another app, you can easily export your reviews to a CSV file (see instructions in part 3), then import your reviews to that app.

The free plan by offers the following features: