Community Questions

Our Community Questions feature allows you to ask recent buyers to answer the questions you have received via the Questions tab on your Review Widget. You can also answer questions yourself, yet an answer from an actual buyer is sometimes more insightful for prospective buyers!

To ask your recent buyers to answer a question, go to your Questions Overview in the app admin.

Questions Overview

Select the question you want to answer by clicking Create answer. You can also hide and publish the questions.

Question Detail View

Click Ask Community to send (or edit) the question and select how many buyers should receive the email.

Answer Request Email Settings

You can edit the question and change the maximum number of emails we will send. Click Send Answer Request Email once you are done.

Answer Request Email Example

The Answer Request Email has an in-email form to answer the question. There is also a fallback web version in case the buyer's email inbox is not compatible with email forms.