Import Questions and Answers (Q&A) CSV file

We offer Import and export of options for Q&A. You can find how to do it by accessing the Support page.

At the moment for import we only support direct format. If you have any other format please contact

For Direct method you can download a sample csv file here.

References of each column of the CSV:

  • question_content (required): The content of the question.
  • answers (optional): The answers of the questions. If you have more than one answer then please separate each answer by \; . Please make sure you have a space after \;. If for each answers you want to add the date at which the answer was written then after the answer please add \, and the date. Optional you can wrap each answer + date with { and }. For more details please check the sample and the examples below.
  • asker_name (optional): The name of the person who asked the question. If empty 'Anonymous` will be used.
  • asker_email (optional): If empty we will generate a unique email address.
  • product_id (partially required): Shopify ID of the product (either product_id or product_handle is required)
  • product_handle (partially required): handle of the product (either product_id or product_handle is required)
  • question_date (optional): (dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd) date when the question was created. E.g. 04/05/2015 for May the 4th 2015. If left empty that review will be created with the current date.

Example of completing the answers column:

  • If your question has only one answer, 1st answer, and you do not want to show the date:
1st answer
  • If your question has only one answer, 1st answer, and you want to show the date:
1st answer\, 20/01/2005
  • If your question has two answers, 1st answer and 2nd answers, then you should have something like this:
{ 1st Answer\, 2017-12-14 03:18:47 UTC }\; { 2nd answer\, 2017-12-16 03:18:47 UTC }

Finding product handle

The product handle is the last part of the product URL. For example, for the product handle is red-widget.

Note: If a product URL has params, those params are not part of the handle. So for the handle is still red-widget.

Finding Shopify product ID

To find the Shopify product ID of a product, do as follows:

  • Go to the Shopify products admin
  • Open the product admin on the product you want to find the Shopify product ID for
  • The URL will now be with 123456789 being the Shopify product ID