Importing reviews is available on both the free and Awesome plan.

Importing reviews is very simple:

  • Go to our import page

  • Import the reviews .csv, .xls or .xlsx file exactly how you exported it accepts several types of review files:

  • If you come from another review app, the exported file from your old review app with no changes needed

  • If you have reviews from another source, a "direct" CSV which you can prepare using the instructions here

File Size

  • For large imported files it is recommended you import no bigger than 10MB at one time.

Importing reviews from other review apps accepts the CSV formats (no changes needed) from the following review apps:

In the list above, click on the name of the app you come from to scroll down to the instructions on how to export the reviews CSV within that app.

We are ready to add further import formats - please request them here