Ideally, your average import file should end up looking like this:

Please check on the notes there, more details ahead, but basically:

  • Our headers are always the same. 
  • This is how an imported 5-stars Review left by "Anna" looks: she wrote it with the email for its product with the 26213 product ID ( That product`s page is, and that is useful to know because you can get the product handle from there, its on bold). 
  • Should be noticed that the images she is adding are LINKS for images, no permission needed to check on them, direct links to images ( .png , .jpg , .gif ... ) that can be seen by anyone. Also on this example she only replied "Thanks!" 


If your reviews do not come from another app we support, then you can import reviews by uploading a CSV file. You can download a sample CSV file here. A list of supported apps can be found here.

References of each column of the CSV:

  • title (optional): title of the review.

  • body (required, has fallback): the body of the review. The body needs to have content and supports up to 1500 characters. If the body is empty the review's title will be used instead as body (and the title of this review will be empty). If both title and body are empty the review will fail to be imported.

  • rating (required): the rating of the review.

  • review_date (optional): (dd/mm/yyyy) date when the review was created. E.g. 04/05/2015 for May the 4th 2015. If left empty that review will be created with the current date.

  • reviewer_name (optional): name of the reviewer. If empty anonymous will be used instead.

  • reviewer_email (optional): email of the reviewer. If empty a unique fake email will be used instead.

  • product_id (partially required): Shopify ID of the purchased product (either product_id or product_handle is required)

  • product_handle (partially required): handle of the purchased product (either product_id or product_handle is required)

  • reply (optional) : The public reply of the review. If the review has one.

  • picture_urls (optional): The urls of the images attached to the review. If there are more than one urls please separate them by a comma. E.g.: https://picture1, https ://picture2, ..., https://picture5 . We only accept up to 5 pictures per review so we will only take first 5 urls, if more.

  • ip_address (optional): IP address of the review. We automatically calculate detailed location (e.g. city, country, country code) based on the IP address. Example:

Can I use Microsoft Excel for editing the CSV?

Excel HAS a "Save as CSV" option, but to save a CSV with a proper compatible codification requires extra steps according to your version of the software (that you can Google for).

Why to use Google Sheets for editing the CSV

We strongly recommend using Google Sheets for import not only because is accessible for people in devices that can't afford Excel, have not installed it or simply are not compatible, but also because allows saving as CSV with the proper compatible codification by default ( with this you avoid importing unsupported characters on your reviews ).

Date Formats:

IF the content on the field is recognized by Sheets as a DATE; it will allow you to change its format very easily.

How to know if a cell is considered a DATE with sheets?

A quick way to see if your date is being recognized is to double click on the cell and if a small calendar pop-up like the image:

Then, is a DATE for sheets and you can change the format just by switching date formats.

Switching date formats:

1) Select the full column ( click just above the column`s first line).

2) Click on "More Formats" and look for a d/MM/yyyy option.

3) Done. Repeat on other columns for dates.

Sheets doesn't recognize my cells as dates.

Our system needs to receive the dd/mm/yyyy format as said before, and converting the formats might sound like a lot of work, but that's not necessarily true, let's see:

As we can see on the example; there is a format that can`t be affected by the automatic format change, and the reason is that there is a set of characters there (those inside the red circle) that confuses the automatic recognition of date or timestamps formats: those characters must be deleted.

To quickly delete all of them present in the column:

1) Select the full column ( click just above the column`s first line).

2) CNTRL + H

3) Input the repeated characters in the "Find" field, including space after the date and just leave an empty field in "Replace with". In the examples case, we replaced " UTC".

4) Click on "Replace All". Now you have a Timestamp format on your dates, and that can be switched to a "d/MM/yyyy" date format ( see above, on "Switching date formats").

5) Repeat on other columns with the same issue.

Finding product handle

The product handle is the last part of the product URL. For example, for the product handle is red-widget.

Note: If a product URL has params, those params are not part of the handle. So for the handle is still red-widget.

Finding Shopify product ID

To find the Shopify product ID of a product, do as follows:

If one of the two, product handle or product ID, is wrong but the other one is correct, we will still be able to import the product reviews.

Importing shop level reviews.

If you want to import shop level reviews, then please leave both product_id and product_handle empty.

Import custom forms with Direct Import.

We now support importing custom forms with your reviews. To import custom forms please follow these instructions:

  • We only import custom forms as text so we do not import multiple options custom forms.

  • For each Question you want to import create a column named CF question name, and then for each review add the corresponding value. Please make sure the column name starts with CF both capital and no space before.

  • Then import reviews normally,

For example in the picture below we added 3 extra columns. Two start with CF one does not. After Import one review with have one custom form and the other one will have two. The third column is ignored as it does not start with CF.

Please notice that we do no check if the review already exists for import. So importing twice will create duplicates. If you want us to remove old/duplicated reviews let us know.