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Modified on: Wed, 3 Jul, 2019 at 2:59 AM

Welcome to !

Hello! in this article we will go over all important features that will help you start getting those awesome reviews.

Getting and showing your reviews is basically a three step process:

  1. - Sending the Review Request
  2. - Receiving the Review and curating.
  3. - Checking on the product page.

1. Sending the Review Request:

How the Review Requests work?

The review requests are emails sent to the customer after its order has been fullfilled

You can set up the amount of days between the fullfilment and the sending of the first review request, reminders, etc on our settings, and also customize the template of the emails and more!

Important: by default, the sending of new review requests is turned off to avoid undesired emails coming out.

Useful links:

2. I got a Review! What do i do now? 

Nicely done! now you have to curate that review: approving it so will show, or hiding it, if it is a bad one.

Did you already had reviews from other apps? Check the last part of this section.

This is easy, by default all reviews received will show (autopublish setting is going on), but you can change that from the settings ( so only reviews that you have marked manually as "Published" will show, or even set up an automation so some reviews that meet conditions publish! 

( for more info please check here: ).


I come from another App. What would happen to my reviews?

Dont worry, you can  import those reviews as long as you have the CSV (files with the reviews). 

We have some guides for specific Review Apps: 

If your app or platform is not in the link; dont worry: you might need to edited it a little bit, for that please follow this guide:

3. Nice! How do i make the reviews appear on my pages now?

Now, if your installation has been succesfull and your settings are active you should be able to see the widgets working:

  • To activate/deactivate the Review Widget, click here. ( Dont forget you can add notes about the placement there too)
  • To activate/deactivate the Preview Badgesclick here.
  • To activate/deactivate the Review Carouselclick here.
NOTE: Don't forget to save the page at the bottom of the page. 

What are the Widgets?

We have different kinds of widgets used for different kinds of purposes.

We will discuss our 4 most popular widgets right here if you want to see a collection of all our widgets please check out this link:

1. Preview Badge

The Preview Badge shows the aggregated rating and number of your product reviews as a star rating on your product and/or collection page/homepage. This helps your visitors to quickly assess your products and add relevant social proof to improve your shop's conversion rate. Preview Badges are a feature of our Forever Free plan with unlimited review request.

Click here to install the preview badges on your store.

2. Review Widget

The Review Widget is our core widget that is required to collect and show your product reviews. It is the social proof widget that your buyers expect on your product page and allows them to evaluate your product but also get additional information on top of your product description. The Review Widget is part of our Forever Free plan. Review Widget addons, themes, and full customization requires our Awesome plan ($15/month).

Click here to install the review widget on your store.

3. Review Carousel

The Review Carousel will show featured reviews on a specific page of your store, e.g. the home page. This helps you to showcase your best reviews and win the trust of your visitors and also can upsell your most-loved products. The Review Carousel is a feature of our Forever Free plan with unlimited review request.

To make the review carousel appear you will have to feature reviews first and then lick here to install the review Carousel on your store.

4. All Review Page

The All Reviews Page will show all your reviews on one page, thereby helping you to convert visitors that are browsing on your shop, improving your organic search ranking and serving as a great link destination for your other widgets. The All Reviews Page is a feature of our Awesome plan ($15/month).

We also offer more specialized widgets:

5. Floating tab, please check this article.

6. Facebook Reviews tab, to activate it you might need to check this first.

7. Verified Review Count Badge, click here to know more.

8. All Reviews Text click here to know more.

We hope this info helps you out!

Have a great day!

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