All shops in the group need to be on the Awesome plan for this to work


  1. What are Shop Groups?
  2. How do Shop Groups work?
  3. How to create Shop Groups?

1. What are Shop Groups?

If you have many shops selling similar products (e.g. shops in different languages for specific markets), creating Shop Groups is the best way to share reviews among your shops. Cross-Shop Review Syndication works across Shopify and WooCommerce shops as long as products in the same group have identical SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit: With Shop Groups, you can share your reviews among different shops, but manage them in separate dashboards, so rest assured that your reviews aren't mixed up.

2. How do Shop Groups work?

Our system uses SKUs to identify products in the same Shop Groups, so make sure to assign the same SKUs to your products. 

If your products have variants:

  • Variants of the products in different shops have to be the same (e.g. If Product A has 4 variants in Shop X, it also needs to have 4 variants in Shop Y).
  • You can arrange the variants in any order as long as the product SKUs across different shops are identical. We define a product SKU by adding all the variants' SKUs together.

Check the example below to understand more about how we match products based on SKUs:

3. How to create Shop Groups?

Step 1: Make sure the products in your different shops have the same SKUs.

  • To assign the SKU, go to your Shopify Products dashboard, create a new product (or choose from an existing product).
  • Then, scroll down to the Inventory section and fill in the SKU.

  • If your product has many variants, scroll down to the Variants section to create more variants, then assign the SKU to each variant.

  • Assign the same SKUs to the same products (or product variants) in the other shops that you want to group.

Step 2: Create the shop group

Step 3: Add other shops to the same group

  • Log out of your current shop (or use a different browser) and login to another shop that you want to group.
  • Go to our the Settings > Advanced > Cross-Shop Review Syndication again.
  • Click Join a Shop Group. Paste in the token you copied before, then click Join.

  • If your shops are grouped successfully, you can see them in the Shops in this group. Depending on how many products your shops have, it may take a while to update all your products of your shops. 
  • If you want to leave the current group, click the Leave Group button and confirm.


  • If you are sharing reviews among Product Groups in one shop, make sure to create the same Product Groups in your other shops, so that your reviews are displayed exactly the same among your Shop Groups.
  • Reviews in each shop are auto-published independently. So if you have newly submitted reviews, these reviews will be auto-published in the shop that turns on the auto-publish feature, but not in the shop that turns it off.
  • Reviews are also shared on the All Reviews Page and Floating Reviews Tab, and linked to their original shop's products.
  • Review Carousel doesn't work if you share reviews across your shops using Cross-Shop Review Syndication.