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  1. What is Product Groups?
  2. How to create Product Groups?
  3. Product Group automation

1. Products Dashboard and Product Groups

1.1. Products Dashboard

The Judge.me Products Dashboard (judge.me/products) lists out all the products you have on your online store. From this dashboard, you can:

  • Search for products using product title, vendor, type, or Shopify Product ID
  • Enable/disable the review requests for each product
  • Assign product group for each product
  • See all the reviews associated with each product
  • Move all the reviews/questions from one product to another.

 1.2. Product Groups

You can create Product Groups in Judge.me Products dashboard to group products with some similar aspects. Products in the same groups can share the same reviews, meaning that reviews submitted on one product also display in other products in that group. One Product Group can have up to 10,000 products.

You can consider grouping your products if they are:

  • Variants of one product have their unique product URL (e.g. green and red socks).
  • Products with the same functionalities (e.g. remote-controlled car and remote-controlled truck).
  • Off-season products that are not on sale anymore and replaced by a new seasonal product (e.g. winter fashion).
  • Out-of-store products that are replaced by a similar or upgraded version.

2. How to create Product Groups?

  • In the Products dashboard, choose the Groups subtab. Type the Product Group Title and click Add new group.

  • Go back to the Products subtab and add products to the Product Group.


  • For all reviews to automatically update on all products in the same group, the group should contain a maximum of 25 products. If you have a group with more than 25 products, the reviews won't be updated automatically on the 26th, 27th product, and so on. If you intend to create product groups based on the vendor, type, or tag, we can instead enable a product group automation, and then this limitation will not be enforced (check part 3).
  • You can only assign one product to one group.
  • Out-of-store products can still be part of a product group and therefore share reviews with other products.
  • It might take a while for changes to be updated across Product Groups. Please be patient and check back after 2 hours.
  • If you have multiple shops selling the same products, we also offer cross-shop synchronization.

3. Product Group automation

Our support team can create product groups for you based on vendor, type, or tag (if you are on our Awesome plan). Please contact support@judge.me with:

  • Your shop domain
  • Details about how you want to group your products. If you want to group products based on tags, please provide a priority list as one product can't be in two groups at the same time.