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Product Groups

Modified on: Thu, 20 Jun, 2019 at 12:30 AM

Product Groups

Product groups allow sharing reviews among several products. All products of one product group will show all combined reviews of the products in that group.

Use cases

Usually, product groups are used in three scenarios:

  • Variants of one actual product have their own product url and therefore their reviews should be grouped (e.g. green and red socks)
  • Very similar products should share reviews because they deliver a similar user experience (e.g. remote-controlled car and remote-controlled truck)
  • Seasonal products that are not on sale anymore but their reviews should be used in another, new product (e.g. annual winter fashion)
  • Out-of-store products should share reviews with available products

Set up product groups

Steps to create

1) In the app settings, look for the Product tab >  Groups.

In shopify this link can direct, but generally like this:

2) Create a new product group: Type your new Product Group's title in the text field below and click Add New Group.

3) In the Group column of the table below, choose a Product Group for your products.

One product can only be part of one product group.

Out of store products can still be part of a product group and therefore share reviews with other products.

Product Group Automation

The support team can also automatically create product groups for you based on the vendor, type or tag. Please reach out to with your shop's domain and by what property you want to group your products. If you want to group products based on tags, please additionally provide a priority list as one product cannot be in two groups at the same time. Note: this is an Awesome User Feature

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