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Add Dynamic Coupons via CSV upload

Modified on: Sat, 6 Apr, 2019 at 8:26 PM

Add Dynamic Coupons via CSV upload

You can add more Dynamic Coupon codes by uploading a CSV file (please go to App Settings, under Coupons tab, in Coupon Code box).

The CSV file format is very simple (download a sample CSV here), contains only 3 columns:

  • code (required): the coupon code which we will send to reviewers.
  • expired_at (optional): (dd/mm/yyyy) expire date of this coupon. Leave blank if the coupon doesn't expire. E.g. 04/05/2015 for May the 4th 2015. Note: simply doesn't send expired coupons, your store should still validate the coupon's expiration when customers fill in when checking out.
  • limit_send (optional): number of time we should create this coupon (default value is 1). This is just a convenient column to save your time from copying and pasting the same lines. For example, if you set this to 3, will create 3 coupons exactly the same.

Tips: If your CSV file is exported from Shopify Discount you can simply upload the file without modifying anything.

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