Coupons help you to collect more reviews by incentivizing your buyers to leave a review. The coupon code will be sent via email after the review is written.


  1. In your app admin, go to More > Settings > Rewards > Coupon Settings to enable coupons.
  2. Set your Reward Conditions.
  3. By default, can generate coupon codes for you. Alternatively, you can add an existing coupon code. Decide if you want to use static or dynamic coupons, read more about this topic in our help desk.
  4. Enter the information for your coupon details. This will allow you to use {{ coupon_details }} as a variable in your automated emails.
  5. Set up your coupon email, this email will be sent to any reviewer who meets the coupon conditions.

We also recommend updating your review request email template (More > Settings > Review Request > Email Templates) in order to mention your coupon there (you can use the variable {{ coupon_details }} as well).

*Note: If you fail to disable coupon setting, please check if the Static coupon is available. Remove Static Coupon before the Reward setting can be turned off.

Reward Conditions allows you to reward your reviewers based on the conditions below. Make sure to inform your buyers/visitors about these conditions so that they are incentivized but also not disappointed if they don't receive a reward in case they don't meet the conditions.

Reviewer Conditions

  • Any reviewer:  Will issue a coupon for any qualified review. Independent of how many times he/she writes a review.

  • Verified buyers: Any reviewer which has bought a product on your store will receive a coupon for each qualified review. If the reviewer writes multiple reviews he/she will receive multiple coupons/rewards.

  • Buyers of the reviewed product only:  Any reviewer which has bought the reviewed product will receive a coupon/reward for each review written.

    If the reviewer bought product A and reviews product B they will not receive a coupon. If they write multiple reviews for product A they will receive multiple coupons/rewards.

  • Reviewers requested by A coupon/reward will be issued only if the reviewer writes a review following our request, i.e. email/push/SMS requests.

    For each request only one review can be written, so only one coupon will be awarded per request. We will not issue a coupon if the review is not following our requests, i.e. the review is written on the web page.

Review Conditions

  • Any review
  • Any review with title and body filled in
  • Any review with at least one picture or video
  • Any review with at least one video

Minimum rating

You can set the minimum rating (1 to 5 stars) for your reviewers to be eligible for a reward.

Limiting Coupons
The only way to limit the number of rewards a reviewer receives is to use `reviewers requested by`, Reviewer Condition.

Imported Reviews

Imported reviews and reviews created by admin won't trigger coupon emails.