You can automatically create coupon codes for your reviewers via These coupon codes are automatically created in Shopify Discounts


  • Discount codes are what you see in your Shopify Discounts pannel. Coupon codes are what your customers will receive. A discount code can have many coupon codes.
  • Only stores on the Shopify Plus plan has the option to add multiple coupon codes in one discount code. Stores on other plans have to use API to create coupon codes, and there are a bunch of apps that allow you to do so.
  • A discount code generated by the app will only show the App label if that discount code has more than 1 coupon code.

Review coupons are sent when:

  1. Review Coupons are enabled (and no reward app is enabled), and
  2. Reward Conditions are met by the reviewer.

*Note: Static Coupons (manually entered) or Dynamic Coupons (CSV upload) in the Coupon Code setting box will take precedence over coupon codes generated by

Generated Coupon Code

You can change the generated code (by default: THANKYOU). We will add a suffix (for example -YZ) to this code.

Coupon Discount

You can choose between a relative discount (e.g. -10%) or an absolute discount (e.g. -$10). By default, the discount will be -10%.

Please note that absolute discounts are in the respective store currency.

Minimum requirement

You can choose to set a minimum requirement for your buyers to apply the discount code: Minimum purchase amount or Minimum quantity of items. By default, there will be none.

Customer Eligibility and Usage Limits

Customer eligibility

  • Anyone can use the review coupon.
  • Only the reviewer can use the review coupon.

Important note: This setting depends on our ability to find a customer ID matched with the email address. This setting will be skipped if cases where you don't have a customer ID for your reviewers, e.g.

  • manually sending review requests (via CSV upload), or
  • unverified web reviews.

In cases where no customer ID is available, anyone will be able to use the generated coupon code (e.g. THANKYOU-1Y)

Once per customer

  • The review coupon can only be used once by each customer.
  • The review coupon can be used multiple times.

Usage Limit

  • The review coupons can be used multiple times.
  • `The review coupon can be used at most # times.

Coupon Validity

You can send a dynamic expiration date (days) based on the coupon creation. By default, coupons can be used forever.