This article helps to double-check the setup for the product reviews feed in Google Shopping and assumes that you have already completely set up your product feed and product ratings feed in the Merchant Center.


  1. Check your product data
  2. Check the product reviews XML feed
  3. Troubleshooting

1. Check your product data

Matching of your product reviews happens via the following data (ranking from low to high impact):

  • Correct URL format (http/https)
  • SKUs as IDs
  • metadata information such as SKU, Brand + MPN pair or;
  • GTIN (recommended)

If GTINs are not present, make sure to provide as much information from the checklist as possible.

1.1. Check your Shopify product admin

Check which value has been entered in the product admin SKU field. You should find this value in your product feed and in your product reviews feed. Normally SKUs can be pulled from Shopify product admin for both product & review feed.

1.2. Check if SKU is used as id on your product feed’s app

Check whether the app you’ve been using to create your product feed is actually using the field SKU to create the product ID in the products feed or not as Google mentioned to use SKUs as often as possible for best practice. If it is not using SKUs as id, you can still add other data to enhance the matching rate. 

Please do not change the product’s id to a new number (i.e from an auto-generated ID to your SKUs) if the products have had history on Google Merchant Center because Google will understand them as new products. You can use other supplement data to increase the matching rate

The screenshot shows an example for Google Shopping Feed app.

1.3. Check if the product SKU can be found in the primary feed (Google Merchant Center)

Go to the Google Merchant Center and check your product feed (you can usually go directly to the Merchant Center from your product feed app). 

2. Check the product reviews XML feed

Open the product reviews XML feed and check if the feed has been properly created. You should easily find (Mac: Command  + F, Windows: CTRL + F) your SKU in the feed.

Check if you can find all relevant information (SKU, optionally GTIN and MPN) in the XML feed. You can find the URL to your product reviews XML feed in the Review Feed Installation Info or in your Merchant Center > Product reviews > Feeds.

Using SKU, MPN, and GTIN

While item id (Product feed) and SKU (stock keeping unit) are your own identifiers assigned by you (merchant-assigned data), MPN (manufacturer part number) and GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) are identifiers used in international trade and assigned by the manufacturer or via (GS1)[]. Make sure that the data assigned in your Product Reviews XML feed is valid and exact according to global trade data to avoid any penalty from GS1 or the companies that own the prefixes that you’re using.

3. Troubleshooting

3.1. Problem: Error message "Strong IDs not present"

Solution: If possible, add a GTIN in the barcode field in Shopify products admin (see screenshot below). If your product's SKUs are also MPNs (usually it means you are the manufacturer), please enable MPN identifier setting and make sure to add your brand as the vendor.

GTIN, as well as MPN + Brand,  usually provide a unique product identifier (in Google terms)

Please note: In case both, GTIN and SKU/MPN are present in the product reviews feed, Google will prefer using GTIN.

3.2. Problem: The following error message is shown

pre-processing report not created

A pre-processing report has not been created for this upload due to product data being sourced from both primary and supplemental feeds. Review and take action on the results of your processed data in the diagnostics section.

Solution: Please fix issues in the diagnostics section and see what errors it is showing. Your supplemental feed might not be matching your main feed.

3.3. Problem: Not all of my product reviews show in the Google Product Reviews XML feed.

In Review Feed Advanced Settings, check your Shop level reviews setting: If enabled, we exclude reviews that have keywords that indicate shop review content instead of product review content.

3.4. Problem: Global feed issues: Connection failed.

Full error message:

Failed to connect to the remote server. Please make sure the source URL in your feed configuration is a valid one. Source URL  Destination URL  HIDDEN_FOR_SECURITY

Solution: never add any username/password to the XML feed for reviews. It normally means that the feed has not been generated (double-check if the URL works).

3.5. Problem: Matching reviews should happen on the variant level (not product level) is storing product reviews on the Shopify product level. However, all variant information of the Shopify product are added to the product identifier of the XML feed. The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN, etc.) field are both available for variants (Shopify).

Solution: Make sure that you have added variant information correctly in your Shopify products admin. will automatically consider them for the XML feed and your product feed app should also automatically consider them.

3.6. Problem: Why do my reviews in the XML feed include type="group" even though they are not in a "Product (Review) Group"?

Answer: Type "group" only indicates that the review page contains a group of reviews including this review but is unrelated to's Product Group feature.

3.7. Problem: Google cannot match product feed and review feed, even though SKU is used as ID in both

Solution: Add further information to your product review feed.

In your Shopify products admin (see screenshot above), you can go to Inventory > Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN, etc.) to add the GTIN (Global Trade Item Numbers) will automatically add the information in the barcode field to the product review XML feed to help providing unique product identifiers.

3.8. Problem: Google recommends including MPN identifiers in the product reviews feed

Solution: Add MPN as a row to your product review feed

In your app admin, go to More > Settings > SEO > Google Product Review Feed and enable MPN identifier. This will add one further row (MPN) that will have the same value as SKU (based on your Shopify products admin).

Please note: In Shopify, only SKU and barcode is available as information about your product. Therefore, will use your products' SKU as
 MPN identifier in the XML feed, thereby creating one additional, identical entry. In the product reviews feed, MPN cannot be different from SKU.

3.9. Problem: Many reviews are marked as spam

Solution: offers an option to auto-publish reviews so we will display all new reviews for you regardless. This, however, doesn’t mean that the reviews are actually curated. These reviews will likely to be marked as “spam” in the feed. You will need to physically curate them (either “hide” or “publish”). Officially published ones will clear its “spam” status while hidden reviews will stay as “spam” for another 7 days until they’re officially moved to the “Archived” tab inside our app.