All Reviews Page, as well as homepage and collections pages, and are non-product pages, meaning that they are not assigned with a specific product.

Google has clear rules stating that: "We (Google) don't accept rich snippets for homepages; rich snippet annotations should be placed on leaf pages". Moreover, these rich snippets should only provide review information about a specific item, not about a category or a list of items."

In other words, creating rich snippets for non-product pages like All Reviews Page, homepage, and collection pages, violates Google’s policy. Hence, it is something that does not support.

1. Add your product reviews to Google Rich Snippets

We only provide rich snippets at the product level based on reviews for each specific product. Learn how to add your product reviews to Google rich snippets.

If you do add rich snippets of product reviews on a non-product page, you run the risk of facing harsh penalties from Google, which include:

  • Having your store being expelled from the rich snippets program.
  • Being banned in Google search entirely. 

We do not want this to happen to you and strongly discourage such practices. For more details, you can also read a longer explanation by Eric Davis, our app partner from JSON‑LD for SEO. 

2. Google seller ratings

If you want to add seller ratings ads extensions, you need to get reviews from one of these sources:

  • Google Customer Reviews
  • Ratings from Google Consumer Surveys
  • Third-party sources (or Google's review partners)

Please check this article from Google for more details. isn't an approved Google review partner, so we don’t support adding the seller ratings at the moment. We are submitting to become an official partner and will keep you updated.