Twitter Social Push

You can manually or automatically share reviews via Twitter. Please first authenticate your Twitter account inside your app: Settings > Social Media > Twitter.

Manual Tweet

You can tweet any review from your Reviews Dashboard by going to the More column, click on the triple bar icon and select Tweet. You will see the actual Tweet in text form (based on your Twitter Push Template) before posting it.

Automatic Tweet

Your Social Push Settings are used for managing your automatic Tweets with review content. Please note that these settings are also used for your Facebook Automatic Social Push. You can adjust posting quota, minimum rating, time interval, and more.

*Note: when you share a review on Twitter, the character limit for is 280. When your review is written in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, the character limit is 140.

Twitter Push Template

By default, your Twitter Push Template will be:

{{ review_rating }} star review from {{ reviewer_name }}: {{ review_title }} {{ product_url }}

You can fully adjust the template using the available variables.

If you are adding a product URL, Twitter will use the following metadata for showing in the Tweet:

  • title
  • description
  • URL
  • image