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Facebook Social Push

Modified on: Thu, 17 Oct, 2019 at 11:42 AM

Facebook Social Push can automatically post your reviews to your Facebook page. This will help you to generate further visits from Facebook to your Shopify store by posting relevant, user-generated content to your audience.

Go to Reviews Dashboard> Settings> Social Media> Social Push Settings and click on Save Settings.

Social Push settings

  • Posting quota: Select between pushing 0% to 100% of your reviews to Facebook
  • Minimum rating: Select a minimum rating for pushing reviews to Facebook
  • Review picture requirement: Enable to only push reviews with a picture
  • Verified buyer requirement: Enable to only push reviews from a verified buyer
  • Time interval: Select a minimum time interval up to 24 hours between pushing reviews will skip the automated Facebook post if a manual post was already made before.Notes:

  • You can also manually post reviews to your Facebook page: Go to your Reviews Dashboard> All Reviews
    1. Choose the review you want to share
    2. Click on the triple bar icon and select Facebook icon
  • You also need to be connected to your Facebook Business page for posting, otherwise, you will see "Facebook page required". You first have to log in to your Facebook account and allow to post in the name of your page. Even after granting permission, will only post once you update your settings to do so.


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