Facebook Reviews tab

Judge.me can create a Facebook Reviews tab for you. When activated, this will show in the desktop view on your connected Facebook page.

You can activate this feature in your app admin by go to Settings>Other Widget>Facebook Reviews Tab> allow Judge.me to create review tab on your Facebook Page.

Note: Custom tabs are only available on Desktop. Mobile custom tabs are not supported by Facebook.

Note: [2018 UPDATE] New policy from Facebook that your page needs to have more than 2000 likes in order to add a custom tab to your page.

Facebook's native review feature cannot be used for automatically importing reviews to Judge.me, nor showing Judge.me reviews inside Facebook's native review section.


The tab name is editable (default: Judge.me Reviews) and will feature all your product reviews. We apply existing settings, so you can customize the reviews tab via your Judge.me admin settings.

You can directly change:

  • Tab name (default: Judge.me Reviews)
  • Reviewer-said text (default: {{ reviewer_name }} said:)

The additional review tab appearance can be changed via:

  • header via your Shopify settings
  • subheader via Review Widget > Widget Header
  • the about-product prefix (default: about), the out-of-store product postfix (default:(out of store)) and whether to include out-of-store products (default: true) via SEO > All Reviews Page
  • the timestamps (e.g. {{ n }} days ago) via Review Widget > Review Timestamps
  • the reviewer name initials setting via Review Widget > Review and Reply

Please note that the colors of the stars (yellow), product links (blue) and verified buyer badges (blue with white text) can not be customized, as it needs to look good on the Facebook theme, not your shop theme.


Facebook Reviews tab on Midori Bikinis' Facebook page