Available on the Awesome plan

Judge.me x Klaviyo integration allows you to set up automatic email flows based on the submitted reviews, questions, and answers. For example:

  • You can create an automatic flow for negative reviews, offering help to customers.
  • Or set up a flow for positive reviews, mentioning future sales and special offers.

How it works

Judge.me will send an event to Klaviyo when a new qualified review/Q&A is submitted.

  • We will send the events for both published and unpublished reviews.
  • We won't send any events for imported and admin reviews.
  • An event can only be received if the customer is on your Klaviyo subscriber list.

Here's the list of events we send to Klaviyo:

EventWhat it meansInformation included
SubmittedRevieweach new review
  • Judgeme_CF
  • product_handle
  • product_title
  • published
  • rating
  • review_body
  • review_title
  • verified_buyer
SubmittedReviewPositiveeach new positive review
each new negative review
SubmittedQuestioneach new question
  • product_handle
  • product_title
  • question_content
SubmittedAnswereach new answer coming from community questions
  • answer_content
  • product_handle
  • product_title
  • question_content

Example of an event sent to Klaviyo:

Based on these events, you can create segments of users for sending target campaigns:

Or you can use the events to trigger the automated actions directly:

Set up Judge.me x Klaviyo reviews follow-up integration

Step 1: Add Klaviyo API Key

  • In Klaviyo, go to Settings > API Keys.
  • Click Create Private API Key and copy it (if you have already created the API key for Judge.me, you can skip this step).

get klaviyo api key for judge.me integration

  • In Judge.me, go to Settings > Integrations > Admin Backend > Email Marketing Integration > Choose Klaviyo.
  • Paste your Klaviyo API Key and click Check.

Step 2: Allow the review events to be sent to Klaviyo

  • Enable Send review events to Klaviyo.
  • Choose your threshold for positive reviews. If you choose "at least 4 stars", 4- and 5-star reviews will trigger a SubmittedReviewPositive event while the rest will trigger a SubmittedReviewNegative event.

Step 3: Add a test review

  • On your product page, leave a web review with your own email address.
  • This should trigger an event that you can find in Flows >  Metrics.

  • If the events are still not showing, please chat with us and we'll check it with you.

Step 4: Create the flow in Klaviyo

Once you have successfully integrated Klaviyo with Judge.me, please create a new flow in Klaviyo that uses our review events trigger.

To create a new flow:

  • In Klaviyo admin, go to Flows > Create flows > Create from scratch.
  • Choose Metrics as the trigger.
  • Choose the Judge.me event you want, set up any filters if you wish, and click Done.
  • Then, you can create the rest of the flow within Klaviyo.

Customize the email template

Below is a list of event variables you can use in the email template. You can also see them by previewing the template.

Event variablesMeaningWhere to use
{{ event.product_handle }}
product handle
text block
{{ event.product_title }}
product title
text block
{{ event.published }}
whether the review is published or hiddentext block
{{ event.rating }}
the review rating (1-5)text block
{{ event.review_body }}
body of the reviewtext block
{{ event.review_title }}
title of the reviewtext block
{{ event.verified_buyer }}
whether the customer is a verified buyertext block