Available on Judge.me's Awesome plan and Aftership's Pro Plan (and above)

You can send review requests based on order delivery instead of order fulfillment by using our Aftership integration.

Typical use cases for merchants:

  • Your delivery times vary a lot for domestic and/or international delivery
  • Your products don't have standard delivery times
  • Subscription business models

Once you enable the Aftership integration, your Request Timing will change from fulfillment-based to delivery-based requests.

*Note: besides Aftership integration, you can also use Delivery Based Requests to send review request emails based on delivery.

How to set up the Aftership Integration

  1. Make sure you have an active Judge.me account and have upgraded to Awesome.
  2. Sign up for AfterShip account 
  3. In AfterShip, go to Settings > API
  4. Copy the default API key listed (e.g. 42c15ne0-441b-4ee4-81fe-5535hb02c2a7) or you can create a new API Key specific to Judge.me if you wish.
  5. In Judge.me, go to Settings > Integrations > Admin Backend > Aftership in Judge.me 
  6. Enable the AfterShip Integration and paste in the Aftership API Key.
  7. Set other timing conditions (minimum wait time, maximum wait time) for Aftership.
  8. Remember to save these settings on Judge.me.

How does the integration work?

  1. After sending an order, you receive the tracking number of your courier service
  2. You store this tracking number in your Shopify Order Admin while you are fulfilling the order
  3. Judge.me instantly knows about this tracking number via Shopify, and stores the tracking number. **Please note that Judge.me will only receive tracking information (Tracking number / Shipping carrier) from the initial fulfillment, but not from updated fulfillments.
  4. Judge.me creates a tracking record within Aftership so we can track the order delivery. *Note: Aftership has a limit of shipments on each plan, so Judge.me will fail to create a new record to track your order delivery if your limit exceeds.
  5. Judge.me instantly updates the dashboard for this order. The status now shows Waiting for delivery instead of Will send.
  6. Judge.me checks for order delivery every 12 hours via the Aftership tracking record.
  7. Once the order is delivered, the dashboard status for the order changes from Waiting for delivery to Will send.
  8. We apply the wait days you set in Review Request > Timing and Format to calculate how long to wait for sending the review request.
  9. We send the review request at the perfect time :)

Additional notes

  • Aftership email: By creating a tracking record with Aftership, your buyer will receive an email from Aftership with a link to a web version of the tracking record.
  • Initial vs updated fulfillment: Judge.me will only receive tracking information from your initial order fulfillment and not from any updated order fulfillment.
  • Tracking creation fails: If Judge.me fails to create a tracking record within Aftership, we will have a second attempt to create a record again after 12 hours. If we continue to not be able to create a tracking record, we will fall back to sending the review request based on fulfillment (instead of delivery).
  • Failing to create a tracking record: Typically reasons for failing to create a tracking record are
    • 1. Invalid tracking number
    • 2. Invalid courier
    • 3. Courier is not added
    • 4. Free Aftership plan exceeded
  • Failing to track a tracking record: In some cases, Judge.me is unable to receive the correct delivery status for an order. This is because the courier is changed unexpectedly or because we receive the wrong courier information from Aftership, as Aftership auto-detects couriers based on tracking number internally and doesn't allow to change the courier.
  • Expired Tracking Record: In some cases, a tracking record may expire. This will at first result in an order being marked as Waiting for delivery for too long. Once we receive the expiration from Aftership, we will check your tracking number for any common issues and understand if the order has been delivered already. If we cannot receive any information about the order delivery status, we will deal with it as if we were unable to create a tracking.
  • "Stuck in pending"/In Transit: In some cases, a shipment is marked as a In Transit inside Aftership but the customer has actually received the order already. We have introduced a Fallback timing (60 days) for these cases, see below in "Additional Settings".
  • Disabling the Aftership integration: You will have to send all currently not scheduled review requests manually. That means all orders prior to the disabling of the integration with status Waiting for delivery will not receive any delivery information via Aftership. Disabling the Aftership integration can happen in two cases: 1. You uninstall/delete Aftership 2) You disable the integration inside the Judge.me settings
  • Aftership status update: The Judge.me Requests dashboard is refreshed with Aftership data every 12 hours. Therefore Aftership may state Delivered, but Judge.me states Waiting for Delivery. However, please contact support if your orders are marked as Waiting for Delivery for too long.
  • Aftership SMS notifications: The phone number from the Shopify default address (and not from the shipping address) is passed on to Aftership (for SMS notifications).
  • Aftership Integration and manually Scheduled requests for old Shopify orders: Please be aware that the integration with Aftership won't be working with Scheduled Review Requests based on orders fulfilled before installing Judge.me, and therefore won't be working with the email review requests that you manually scheduled through this feature.

Additional Settings

  • Fallback review request timing (default: on): We will send review requests 60 days after fulfillment independent of the Aftership status of that order.
  • Minimum review request delay: After fulfillment, we will wait at least 7 days (default) for domestic orders or 14 days (default) for international orders before sending the review request. Please note: This setting can help you to not send review requests earlier if your tracking record creation fails during initial fulfillment. We recommend setting a time duration that is close to your actual delivery times.


1. Review Request for Order tracked with Aftership is not sent based on delivery.

Both information, Tracking number and Shipping carrier, have to be included in the order when the order is fulfilled. We do not support Fulfillment Update as it requires additional store permissions. If this information is not available for the initial fulfillment, the review request for the order will be send based on the default request timing and not based on Aftership's delivery status.

2. The integration doesn't work: The order status always shows Waiting for delivery.

Please make sure that you have entered the correct Aftership API key in the integration settings box.

3. Aftership shows that my orders are delivered already but Judge.me is not sending the review requests.

Please check your Minimum review request delay timing. Please also note that we will only update the order status for review requests every 12 hours.

Please reach out to us support@judge.me if you experience any issues with your Aftership integration. Please mention your store domain as well as specific orders that are potentially causing issues.