Judge.me will send automatic review requests after your orders are fulfilled/completed. But if you have orders made outside of your e-commerce platform, you can still schedule manual review requests via a CSV file.

Step 1: Prepare the CSV file

You can download our sample CSV file below to schedule manual requests.

Download CSV file

To edit the file, you can:

  1. Login to Google Sheet and create a new sheet.
  2. Click File > Import > Upload and select the file CSV you downloaded above.
  3. In Import location, choose Replace current sheet and check the box Convert text to numbers, dates, and formulas.
  4. Click Import data.

Step 2: Fill in the information for the requests

Here's what each of the columns in the CSV file means:

requiredname of the customer. We only use this name if the email address is not attached to any name previously.
reviewer_emailrequiredemail of the customer
either is requiredYou just need to fill in either the product_id or produt_handle of the purchased product.
fulfilled_atrequiredthe date the order was fulfilled (in dd/mm/yyyy format)
quantityoptional but recommendedquantity of the purchased product. We set it to 1 by default.

the date you want the review request to be sent (in dd/mm/yyyy format).

  • If left blank, we will calculate the processed_at date using the date in fulfilled_at + wait_days in your settings. 
  • If the processed_at is a date in the past, we will schedule the request email 10 minutes after you upload the file.

Step 3: Download the sheet as CSV

In your Google Sheet, choose File > Download > Comma Separated Value (.csv).

Step 4: Upload the file to Judge.me

  • In Judge.me admin, choose Requests > Requests dashboard. Then click Add manual requests on the top right.

  • In For orders outside of Shopify, in bulk via CSV upload, choose your file and click Upload CSV.

Step 5: Review the results

After you upload the CSV file, we will process the requests and send a notification email with the details to all email addresses listed in Settings > Review request > Admin Notifications.

In this email, you can see how many requests have been scheduled, how many have failed, and then see in the Requests Dashboard to double-check the send date of these requests.

The line items imported from the CSV file are highlighted with a green stripe on the left and the orders show as Manual.

After the requests are scheduled, we'll wait for 10 minutes before sending the review request emails, even if you set the process_date in the past. 

This allows you to check the requests and skip certain requests (if needed) by clicking Don't send for this request in the More column in the Requests Dashboard.