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Review Request Email Templates (Example)

Modified on: Wed, 18 Sep, 2019 at 4:12 PM

Review Request Email Templates (Example)

We offer 4 different templates which can be highly customized to match your business objectives and shop branding. You can change and customize your email template inside the app admin.

1) Single Review Email Template

  • In-email review form to maximize conversion
  • Ask for one review at a time, highest price first
  • This email template is selected by default

2) Multi Review Email Template

  • Ask for all reviews as soon as possible
  • Optionally ask for shop level reviews
  • Your shop's logo will be used for asking for a shop level review (if available)

3) Picture First Email Template

  • Clicking the stars leads user to the product page
  • On product page: Ask for review pictures prior to full review
  • Step-by-step approach on the product page to ease review completion

4) Full HTML Email Template (Advanced)

  • Ask for one review at a time, highest price first
  • Customers are brought directly to your product page
  • All available customization options

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