In this article, we'll show different ways you can interact with your reviews and how you can manage them with our reviews dashboard.

How to publish or hide a review

By default, reviews will be published automatically and have this status:

We encourage our merchants to show all reviews, even the unfavorable ones. But you can publish or hide a review if it is inappropriate or irrelevant by clicking Publish or Hide

Curated reviews will have these statuses:

You can adjust the ratings to be published automatically (Awesome plan) or turn off Autopublish entirely (free), by going to Settings > Review Widget > Review Curation.

When you turn Autopublish off, all uncurated and new reviews will be hidden. 

You can also publish or hide reviews in bulk manually.

How to delete a review

Hiding a review will remove it from your live store. Hidden reviews will be deleted after 1 week and be moved to the Archived Reviews tab.

You can also archive a review manually by clicking the Archive icon.

How to hide a review's photo/video

It's beneficial to collect as many photo/video reviews as possible. But, sometimes, the photos or videos submitted might be unfit, blurry, or not applicable to your store.

To hide a review's photo/video:

  • In your admin, go to the Reviews tab.
  • Search for the review you wish to change.
  • Click on the check mark under the photo/video.

How to reply to a review

One of the best ways to have an interaction with your customers is to reply to their reviews. You can thank them for a positive review or address an issue in a negative review.

To publicly reply to a review, click the Reply icon and choose Public reply (widget).

To reply privately to a review via email instead, choose Private reply (email).

Once their issues or concerns have been addressed, you can ask the reviewers for a review update by choosing Request review update email.

How to edit a review

You can edit a review to fix typos or remove personal information by clicking on the three dots > Edit Review.

For web and email reviews:

  • You can make minor text edits to the name, title, and body of the reviews and add a picture/video.
  • In line with our authenticity policy, star ratings can't be edited. If the star ratings need to be updated, please ask for a review update instead.
  • After you click Submit, we will send an email to the reviewers to approve or deny the changes.

How to move reviews to another product

You can move a review from one product to another or make it a shop-level review by clicking on the 3 dots > Move Review.

This is useful if a customer reviews the wrong product. 

If you changed the product page and wish to move your reviews to the new page, you move them all at once in admin > More > Products & Groups.

More actions

  • In settings, go to Other widgets > Reviews carousel >How to feature reviews > Set it to Manual.
  • Then you can choose which reviews to show in the carousel by clicking the Heart icon in the Reviews dashboard.

Share a review on social media

You can manually share a review to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr by clicking on the Share icon in the Reviews dashboard.

View the coupon code associated with a review

If you are using our Reward feature, you can check whether a review is qualified for a coupon and the coupon code sent for that review by clicking on the 3 dots > View More.

View the order associated with a review (for Shopify)

For reviews from our request emails, you can check the Shopify order for the reviewed line item by clicking on the 3 dots > View Order.