Judge.me recommends you publish all of your reviews - even the bad ones. 

The only reviews that you should remove from your site are ones that you know are fraudulent.

Are you wondering if you can moderate your reviews before publishing them? Check your Reviews dashboard now.

Review dashboard is where you can see and curate all your reviews, both product and shop reviews from all available sources (web, emails, imported, SMS, etc.). From the Reviews dashboard, you can choose whether to publish your reviews or hide them, reply to your reviewers, feature the reviews on the Review Carousel, share them on social media, and so on.

Review Curation

By default, new reviews will be published automatically. You can adjust the Autopublish rating to determine the minimum rating for auto-publishing. For example, only reviews with at least a 4-star rating will be published. If you don't want to unpublish any reviews, simply click Hide to remove them from your shop.

Otherwise, you can choose to turn off the auto-publish feature to curate your reviews before publishing them. In this case, all reviews collected or imported will be hidden by default, and you can either Publish or Hide them.

By default, everybody visiting your product pages will be able to leave a review. However, you can restrict review creation by allowing only verified buyers and API users to create a review. Disabling web reviews will also hide empty Review Widgets from product pages.

Edit reviews

You can edit existing reviews to fix typos or small inaccuracies. To edit reviews, click on the More icon and choose Edit Review.

An edit pop-up will appear and you can change the Name, Rating, Review Title, Review Body.

  • Leaving a field blank will leave the field unchanged
  • Make sure to enter the Reason for edit so everyone (including us) knows why the change happened
  • After you submit the changes, your customer will receive an email to ask whether he or she will approve the changes.

Reply to reviews

You can reply to your reviews from the Reviews dashboard by clicking Reply. You can choose between:

  • Public reply (widget): The reply will show in the Review Widget, and a notification will be sent to your customers.
  • Private reply (email): An email will be sent to your customers.

You can change how your shop's name appears in the replies by going to Settings > Review Widget > Widget Body > Shop and Reviewer Details. Note: Reviewer Location is only available in our Awesome plan.

Delete reviews

To delete your reviews please follow these steps:

  • Go to the Reviews dashboard: https://judge.me/index.
  • Select the All Reviews tab.
  • Select the reviews you want to delete, then choose to Hide those reviews.

  • Apply the Hidden Reviews in the review filters.
  • You'll see a blue banner with a short notice about hidden reviews. Click on the Click here link to delete all your hidden reviews. This action will delete your hidden reviews immediately. Otherwise, all hidden reviews are automatically deleted after 7 days.


  • Your deleted reviews will appear in the Archived reviews tab and not completely removed from the system.  
  • Only imported reviews can be completely removed. Non-imported reviews (web reviews or reviews collected via emails) can't be removed. 
  • If you need to completely remove your imported reviews (e.g. when you have duplicated imported reviews), please contact us at support@judge.me so we can help you.