Troubleshooting Review Widget (Advance)

1. My Widget shows an ellipse or weird circle before loading more reviews.


Loading Icon/Spinner looks deformed


Our widgets elements sizes do their best to fit the container you choose to put them: but sometimes the characteristics of those containers can override things like, in this case, a good size for the loading icon ( the loading icon is trying to fit the container). So we need to apply a rule to give it a fixed size and avoid this behavior.


What do I need?

  • Access to the main CSS theme file.
  • CODING LEVEL: none, almost no level.

What do I do?

1) Access the main CSS file of your theme ( You don't know what file is that? Click here )

2) Go to the very bottom of the file and add.

.jdgm-rev-widg__paginate-spinner-wrapper .jdgm-spinner {  width: 40px !important; }

NOTE: If you need your icon bigger/smaller, just change 40px on the example for the desired size

3) Save the changes.


2. 404 error page when click on links (stars, pagination) in our widgets - Fix Motion Theme

Go to theme.js.liquid you should find this line:

$('a:not(.js-no-transition)').bind('click', function(evt) {

Please add .jdgm-paginate__page, .jdgm-star to the jQuerry selector like this:

$('a:not(.js-no-transition, .jdgm-paginate__page, .jdgm-star)').bind('click', function(evt) {

Sometimes you have to find the class of the error elements:

Ex: .jdgm-rev__body-read-more is the class for Read more button.

$('a:not(.js-no-transition, .jdgm-star, .jdgm-rev__body-read-more, .jdgm-paginate__page)').bind('click', function(evt) {