Product Level Reviews/ Questions

Product-level Reviews/Questions are automatically activated once the widget is installed, and will appear at the bottom of your product page, inside the Review Widget ( you can request for a customization to put it in other section of this page), and also in your All Reviews Page.

To know more about the widget itself you can visit this page.

I ll like to insert here a short mention and link to an advanced troubleshooting for cases like that one where they wanted to hide the review and still collect reviews .<

Review Widget Content Header:

Normally, a summary of the rating and number of reviews appears on the header of the widget and, with an Awesome Plan, its text and the button's contents are fully customizable. In your settings, you can also choose to show/hide the visibility of the filters for the reviews, the Dropdown Texts that will show and even set the default sorting method.

Review Widget Content Body:

Inside the Widget`s body, you have the option of visualizing two type of contents clicking on its respective tabs: those might be "Reviews" or "Questions".



Questions are pretty much that: they can be made by visitors just by clicking on 'Ask a Question' if the option is active (you can enable/disable it from settings ).
You can also change the texts on the form from here and manage the questions quickly in your Q/A Dashboard Option



Are opinions from your customers about your products/services, they include the possibility of rating and constitute a great way to get fast and reliable feedback. 

Who can leave them?

You can allow visitors to leave you reviews turning off this option. Otherwise only verified buyers coming from our review requests will be able to leave a review.

How to publish or hide them? 

You can choose to use Automatic Curating:

  • Allowing Publishing by default: By setting off the Autopublish of Review Curation Option: new reviews will be published only after you curate them as Published.
  • By Rating: You can set a minimum stars limit (rating) with this option: if a review surpasses it: it will be published automatically, if not: It will be hidden. 

Or you can -manually- do it in the dashboard option.


The Review's content


The Default Form for leaving a review is like above; where 1-7 (black) are the names of the fields, the blue "P" circles are placeholders for the answers and the red "E" circles are the error messages that will pop up when the "obligatory" rule of those fields is no respected or the content invalid. All this form`s text is customizable

If this default form doesn't go well with your public and you need your customers to ask different questions: you can try creating your very own custom forms.


To change/hide the names of my reviewers:

For a privacy matter or just a style preference, this can be achieved two ways:

For a few changes, you can go to the Reviews Dashboard and simply change them one after another (NOTE: This will erase the old names permanently).

But, if you need to modify the way all of your reviewer's names will be published: you should use the Reviewer Name and Reply. For that you only need to select an option on the dropdown list here:

The options on how the reviewer`s name will display are:.

  • Exactly as the Reviewer provided it, e.g. John Smith.
  • Using initials for the entire reviewer`s name e.g. J.S.
  • Using initials for the last name e.g. John S.

How do I reply? 

You can reply to your customer`s Review going to your dashboard, locating the review and clicking on the "REPLY" button (grey, right side).

To change the name with what you reply:

Go to the Reviewer Name and Reply setting :

The first line defines how the answer is presented and the second what is the name that you are using for it.

As an example, this input:

 Will provide this output: