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Review Widget 101

Modified on: Wed, 4 Dec, 2019 at 1:57 PM

Review Widget

The Review Widget is our core widget that is required to collect and show your product reviews. It is the social proof widget that your buyers expect on your product page and allows them to evaluate your product but also get additional information on top of your product description. The Review Widget is part of our Forever Free plan.

Review Widget example

Review Widget Installation

If you enable the Review Widget, it is automatically added to the bottom of your template/product liquid file. Afterwards, it will be manually positioned by our Theme Concierge, so please wait for minutes or a few hours to see the actual change in your theme.

Review Widget Settings

Awesome users can also change the widget's appearance in the app settings:


  • Besides the in-email review form (Single Review Email Template), the Review Widget is the only way for your buyers to enter a review. Also, it serves as a fallback for the in-email review form.
  • Review pictures can only be submitted via the Review Widget.
  • The structured data for (AggregateRating)[] is held by the Review Widget and is required for showing Rich Snippets with review data in Google organic search.

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