One way to make your reviews more engaging and trustworthy is by allowing your customers to upload real photos and videos of the products they purchased. Photos and videos can show how your customers are using your products, make it easier for customers to share their likings or concerns, and help potential buyers to assess your products easier. This feature is available in our Forever Free plan.


  1. How to enable Review Photos and Videos?
  2. Manage your Review Photos and Videos
  3. Supported formats
  4. Restrictions

1. How to enable Review Photos and Videos?

  • From your admin dashboard, go to Settings > Review Widget > Widget Body
  • Scroll down and find Review Photos and Video
  • Toggle the bars to enable the feature. This feature allows reviewers to upload up to five photos and five videos in each review.
  • After that, you can also enable the Media Reminder Email, which reminds those reviewers who didn't include a picture or video in their submitted reviews.

Here is how your Review Widget will appear:

2. Manage your Review Photos and Videos

  • You can see all reviews submitted in your Reviews dashboard and curate them before publishing.
  • You can change the order of Review Photos and Videos in the Reviews dashboard. This will help you showcase your most preferred photos and videos, which is especially useful in themes like Leex where only the first photo or video is shown. Simply drag and drop the photos and videos to change their order, and then click on the Save Photo Order button.

  • The widget will show the thumbnails of all photos and videos for the Align theme and Default theme. For shops that use the Leex theme, the widget will display only the first photo or video but viewers can click on this photo or video to see the rest of them.

  • Reviewers can leave reviews photos and videos directly on the shop's product pages (if the empty widgets are not hidden by default). 
  • Reviewers can't submit the photos and videos from an in-mail form in a review request email but have to be redirected to the product pages to complete this action.

3. Supported formats

  • We support photos with these formats: AI, BMP, GIF, HEIC, ICO, ICNS, JPEG, JPEG2000, PCT, PDF, PJPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF
  • We use IMGIX as a CDN for our images (all photos are uploaded to IMGIX servers).
  • Videos are uploaded to our Cloudflare Stream account with a global network to ensure fast delivery and smooth video playback on any device.


  • The size limit for photos is 10MB, and for videos is 100MB.