The All reviews text shows your average rating and the total number of published reviews of your store to increase your conversion rate.

Install the All reviews text


For Online Store 2.0 themes, you can install the All reviews text using app blocks.

For vintage themes, you can turn on the All reviews text by going to Settings > Other widgets > All reviews text.


You can use this code:

We score [jgm-review-rating] /5 based on [jgm-review-count] reviews.


Add this in Templates > Components > Common > footer.html:

<p>We score <span class='jdgm-all-reviews-rating'></span> out of 5 based on <span class='jdgm-all-reviews-count'></span> reviews.</p>
SquarespaceThe All reviews text is not available on Squarespace yet.

In your PrestaShop back office, go to configuration page to enable the All reviews text.

Customize the All reviews text

To customize the All Reviews Text, go to Settings > Other Widgets > All Reviews Text > All Reviews Text Settings. Here you have three options:

3.1. Customize the text

  • By default, the text format is "Customers rate us {{ shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_rating | round: 1 }}/5 based on {{ shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_count }} reviews. For example, "Customers rate us 3.9/5 based on 54 reviews."
  • You can add many variables to customize your text.
    • {{ shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_rating|round:1 }}: Average rating of all reviews
    • {{ shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_count }}: Total number of reviews
    • {{ shop.metafields.judgeme.shop_reviews_rating|round:1 }}: Average rating of all shop reviews
    • {{ shop.metafields.judgeme.shop_reviews_count }}: Total number of shop reviews

3.2. Link All Reviews Text to All Reviews Page

You can link the All Reviews Text to your All Reviews Page (a page with all product and store reviews), just toggle the bar to enable this option.

3.3. Add star icons to the All Reviews Text

You can add the star icons to the All Reviews Text, just toggle the bar to enable this option. 

Manual installation

You can use metafields that provides and that contain the number of reviews and the aggregate rating for your shop to showcase your reviews across your website (e.g. in your footer).

For considering all reviews:

  • shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_rating
  • shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_count

For considering only shop reviews:

  • shop.metafields.judgeme.shop_reviews_rating
  • shop.metafields.judgeme.shop_reviews_count

With star icons

Please put this code in your theme:

<span data-score='{{ shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_rating }}' class='jdgm-all-reviews-rating'></span> Customers rate us {{ shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_rating | round: 1 }}/5

Adding star icons is not available in the WooCommerce app.