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Floating Reviews Tab

Modified on: Sat, 6 Apr, 2019 at 4:34 AM

Floating Reviews Tab

The Floating Reviews Tab will show a button on the side of your screen to all visitors of your shop. Upon clicking, a popover opens that shows all your reviews in a floating tab. This lightweight version of the All Reviews Page helps you to convince shop visitors to buy when they are evaluating your shop. The Floating Reviews Tab is a feature of our Awesome plan ($15/month).

Floating Reviews Tab Example (Open)

From spartansuppz

Floating Reviews Tab Example (Closed, see button on the left)

Floating Reviews Tab Installation

The Floating Reviews Tab is automatically installed for you. You can enable this widget in your app admin: More > Settings > Installation > Floating Reviews Tab Installation.

You can set the position of the button (leftbottomright), hide the button on mobile devices, change its color (background, text), adjust the button text (by default: ★ Reviews), and change the title of the floating tab (by default: Let customers speak for us).

Advanced Customizations

The Floating Reviews Tab automatically respects your store's overall design to save your time on customizing. Still, it is highly customizable with HTML and CSS. Please note that Advanced Customizations require some knowledge of HTML, CSS.

  • Making the button text ALL CAPS: Please add the following CSS to your theme's CSS liquid file:
.jdgm-revs-tab-btn.jdgm-revs-tab-btn {  text-transform: uppercase; }


  • Floating Reviews Tab button hangs at the top (only when you are logged in Shopify Admin): this is a side effect of the black bar at the top the screen from Shopify theme. This is okay, your customers can't see the black bar as well as this effect so everything will look completely normal to your shop visitors.

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