Verified Reviews Count Badge

The Verified Reviews Count Badge shows the number of verified buyer reviews and their average rating. This badge builds trust with your potential buyers and can link visitors to your All Reviews Page. The widget is ideally placed in the footer of your theme. The badge visually improves with the number of verified reviews you collect. The Verified Reviews Count Badge is a feature of our Forever Free plan with unlimited review request.

Verified Reviews Count Badge example

From Vapers&Papers:

Verified Reviews Count Badge Installation

This is a manual installation done by our Theme Concierge, so please wait for minutes or a few hours to see the actual change in your theme.

The Verified Reviews Count Badge is manually installed by our Theme Concierge after you enable the widget in your app admin: More > Settings > Installation > Verified Reviews Count Badge Installation.

Available Badge styles

Level 1: 20 - 49 verified reviews

Level 2: 50 - 99 verified reviews

Level 3: 100 - 499 verified reviews

Level 4: 500 - 999 verified reviews

Level 5: equal or more than 1000 verified reviews


  • There is no badge if the verified reviews count is less than 20.