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All Reviews Page Setup

Modified on: Sat, 6 Apr, 2019 at 4:11 AM

All Reviews Page Installation

The All Reviews Page is automatically created for you. You can enable this widget in your app admin: More > Settings > Installation > All Reviews Page Installation.

You can set the All Reviews Page Title (by default: "Reviews") and the All Reviews Page Handle (by default: "reviews"). The handle will set the URL of your All Reviews Page, typically this is

Customize your All Reviews Page URL:

If you want a custom URL to forward to your All Reviews Page, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to 'Sales Channels' > 'Online Store' > Navigation > URL Redirects (below the page header)
  2. The popup modal 'Add URL redirect' shows
  3. Type /reviews in 'Old path' field (this is the URL we will redirect FROM).
  4. Type /pages/reviews in 'Redirect to' field (this is the URL we will redirect TO).
  5. Click Add URL redirect button to save your URL redirect.

Your customers now can go to the pretty '/reviews' and will get redirected to your All Reviews page ('/pages/reviews').

Additional Notes

The first load of your All Reviews Page will load 25 product reviews and 25 shop reviews and from Shopify metafields. After that, each moment you scroll down a new load of reviews will be loaded. Each load of new reviews will load 25 new reviews. Therefore the infinite scrolling of the All Reviews Page is not increasing the loading times for your store's visitors.

Disable product reviews sub-tab on All Reviews Page

If you want to only show shop reviews, then please add the following:

  • Add the following css in any of your css files:
.jdgm-subtab__name[data-tabname="product-reviews"] {  display: none !important; }
  • Add the following script in templates/page.judgemeallreviews.liquid
<script> $(document).ready( function() {     setTimeout( function() {     $('.jdgm-all-reviews-page .jdgm-subtab__name[data-tabname="shop-reviews"]').click();   }, 500); }); </script>

Remove branding from All Reviews Page

Add the line <style> .jdgm-branding-footer { display:none !important; } </style> to your snippet judgeme_all_reviews.liquid

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