What is All Reviews Page?

All Reviews Page displays all your reviews on a separate page, thereby helping you convert visitors browsing through your shop into customers, improving your organic search ranking, and serving as a great link destination for your other Judge.me Widgets. All Reviews Page is available in our Awesome plan ($15/month).

All Reviews Page Installation

Follow these instructions to install the All Reviews Page:

  • From your admin dashboard, go to Settings > Other Widgets > All Reviews Page
  • Toggle the bar to enable the All Reviews Page
  • Set the All Reviews Page Title and All Reviews Page Handle. We use the All Reviews Page Handle to set the URL for your All Reviews Page, for example, your-shop.com/pages/reviews.

Customize your All Reviews Page URL

If you want to create a custom URL for your All Reviews Page, please follow these steps:

  • From your Shopify admin dashboard, go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Navigation > URL Redirects
  • Click the Create URL Redirects button
  • Type /reviews in Redirect from, and type /pages/reviews in Redirect to
  • Click Save Redirect. Now your customers now can go to the pretty /reviews link and be redirected to your All Reviews Page (/pages/reviews).


On the first load, your All Reviews Page will load 25 product reviews and 25 shop reviews from Shopify meta fields. After that, each moment you scroll down a new load of reviews will take place. Each load of new reviews will include 25 new reviews. Therefore, the infinite scrolling of the All Reviews Page doesn't increase the loading times for your store's visitors.

Disable product reviews sub-tab on All Reviews Page

If you want to only show shop reviews, then please add the following:

  • Add the following CSS in any of your CSS files:
.jdgm-subtab__name[data-tabname="product-reviews"] {  display: none !important; }
  • Add the following script in templates/page.judgemeallreviews.liquid
<script> $(document).ready( function() {     setTimeout( function() {     $('.jdgm-all-reviews-page .jdgm-subtab__name[data-tabname="shop-reviews"]').click();   }, 500); }); </script>

Remove Judge.me branding from All Reviews Page

Add the line <style> .jdgm-branding-footer { display:none !important; } </style> to your snippet judgeme_all_reviews.liquid