What is Preview Badge?

Preview Badge shows the number of your product reviews and the aggregate rating on your product and/or collection page. This badge helps your visitors quickly assess your products and add relevant social proof to improve your shop's conversion rate. Preview Badge is available in our Forever Free plan with unlimited review requests.

Preview Badge in the collection page

Preview Badge in the product page

Preview Badge Installation

The onboarding process will take you through installing the Preview Badge. If you haven't installed it during the onboarding process, you can enable it later in the settings. The Preview Badge will be manually positioned by our Theme Concierge, so please wait for minutes or a few hours to see the actual change in your theme. Learn how to install the widget manually.

Currently, we officially support Searchanise, BoostCommerce, SparQ, and Nextopia to display products with Judge.me ratings in the collection/search result page.

Preview Badge Settings

By default, we hide the Preview Badge if a product has no reviews. You can disable this option to display the Preview Badge on any product page (1). You can also adjust the star color (2), hide the badge text completely (3), or customize the badge text (4). Learn more about advanced customization for the Preview Badge.