The Review Carousel helps you create a carousel of featured reviews and place it anywhere in your store. This helps you showcase your best reviews and win the trust of your visitors, as well as upsell your most-loved products. You can install, choose among six carousel themes, and customize the Review Carousel on our Forever Free plan.

1. Compact without pictures

The Compact without pictures theme is designed for product reviews that have a long description with a consistent overall look for the reviews that appeared on the carousel.  

2. Centered (default)

The Centered theme is designed if you want to showcase your product reviews' details including pictures, date, name of the reviewer. 

3. Compact with pictures

In the Compact with pictures theme, product review pictures will be set aside for the reviews and you can be able to read more of the product reviews.

4. Cards style

The Cards style theme is focused on the individual review and to make the review carousel more visually appealing.

*Note: You cannot add pictures in the Cards style theme because the boxes are designed for product reviews only.

5. Vertical sliding

Another option for changing the look of your store's review carousel, the Vertical sliding theme also focuses on picture and product reviews as well. 

*Note: By default, the sliding arrow is located at the bottom of the review carousel, not on the sides.

6. Focused view

The Focused view theme highlights a single review, one at a time, and is great if you have good pictures that you want to showcase.