1. How do I change my contact email for Judge.me?

We will use your Shopify store contact email as the contact email for Judge.me

You can change your store contact email here: Shopify admin > Settings > General > Store details > Store contact email. Please make sure to edit the Store contact email, not the Customer email.

2. Can I install the widgets (star ratings, reviews, carousel, etc.) on an unpublished theme?

If you are working on an unpublished theme or trying to troubleshoot something, please follow this manual installation guide. Feel free to contact support@judge.me if you need any more assistance.

3. Do you have a free trial for the Awesome plan?

In general, we don't offer a free trial. Some free trials may be available exclusively to users who are using the apps of our integration partners, but it's not a part of our pricing. However, we do have a 30-day refund policy, no questions asked. So if our Awesome Plan doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always go back to our Free plan or uninstall and we will refund you the $15.

4. How do I change the color of the stars?

5. Why can't I see the star ratings and reviews on my product pages?

If you have installed the Review Widget and Preview Badge (star ratings) successfully but still can't see them, you may be hiding the empty widget/badge. To enable them, please follow these instructions:

6. Why are some of my products in Judge.me "out of store"?

We add the info (Out of store) to products that are no longer available in your Shopify store; for example, because they have been deleted and marked as unavailable. This status is different from out of stock. You can customize the display text of the out-of-store status in Settings > Other Widgets > All Reviews Page > All Reviews Page Settings.

*Note: When a product is out of store, you can still send a review request email manually but your customers can't submit a review because the link to the product page is disabled.

7. Does Judge.me support Shopify theme XYZ?

Judge.me supports every shop theme. Once you install our app, we'll access your Shopify theme file and add Judge.me code snippets to your liquid files. These code snippets will activate the Judge.me widgets (star ratings, review form, carousel, etc. on your Shopify store. Once the process is done, you'll receive an email notification.

These code snippets need to be added again when you change your theme. To enable the automatic installation upon theme change, please go to Advanced > Advanced Settings > Theme Change Re-Installation.

Once you change your theme, we'll install the Judge.me widgets again for you, and you don't need to take any actions.

If you don't enable the automatic installation, please contact support@judge.me if you change your theme and want us to reinstall the Judge.me widgets. Learn more about the changes we'll make on your theme file.

8. How do I export my Judge.me review data in CSV format?

You can export your reviews easily, without any limitation, on both Forever Free and Awesome Plan. To export your reviews:

*Note: You can also export your Q&A by going to Judge.me dashboard > More > Import and Export > Import/Export Q&A.

9. Why aren't my reviews published automatically?

When you turn off the auto-publish feature, any newly submitted reviews won't be published automatically but listed as Reviews to Curate. You can publish these reviews by clicking on the Publish button in each review, or filter all Reviews to Curate and publish them in bulk.

If you want to publish all reviews automatically, please turn on the auto-publish feature in Reviews Curation.

10. How do I install the Review Carousel on my homepage?

  • You can enable the Review Carousel in your Judge.me app admin: Settings > Other Widgets > Review Carousel > Review Carousel Installation. The widget will then be automatically added to the bottom of your home page (templates/index.liquid). Upon request, our support team will position the Review Carousel according to your preferences.
  • After installing, you can customize your Review Carousel such as choose among six free themes, change the background color, adjust the height and widgets, and decide which review elements to display on the carousel. See more detailed instructions here.