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Modified on: Thu, 29 Aug, 2019 at 2:00 PM

How do I change my contact email for

We will use the account email as provided in your Shopify Admin as the email for contacting you. You can change the email here: Shopify Admin > Settings > General > Store Details > Account email

Make sure to edit account email, and not customer email.

Can you install the widgets on an unpublished theme ?

When you publish the new theme we automatically re-install at the bottom of product pages. We also send you an email to request theme concierge in 1 click so we can add badges again and move the widget to where you want.

That said if you want to make work in unpublished theme already, please see here: or contact our support by email

Do you have a free trial for the Awesome plan ?

We currently don't offer a free trial. However, we have a 30-days money-back guarantee, no questions asked. So if our Awesome Plan doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always go back to our Free plan or uninstall and we will refund you the $15.

How do I change the color of the stars ?

To change the color of our stars, please see:

I Can't see the review widget on my product page ?

After we successfully installed the review widget on your product page it may be possible you won't see the widget.

We hide the review widget by default if there are now reviews in side of them

You can change the show/hide settings for - the preview badge, go to: More > Settings > Other Widgets > Preview Badge and change 'Hide empty preview badges' - the review widget, go to: More > Settings > Review Widget > Review Curation and change 'Disable web reviews / hide empty widget'

What does (Out of store) mean?

We add the info "(Out of store)" to products that are no longer in store, for example, because they have been deleted. This is different to products being 'out of stock'.

You can change this setting by going to More > Settings > SEO > All Reviews page

Does support Shopify theme XYZ? support every shop theme. In fact, a manual theme concierge is part of every onboarding. This means that we will make adjustments to make sure looks perfect in your theme based on your preferences.

If you change your theme, you will automatically get an email in which you can request a new theme concierge.

How do I export my review data in CSV format?

(This is not a frequently asked question actually) You can export the following review data:

If you are considering uninstalling, please shoot us an email at with your feedback. We'd love to fix any issue you may have with our app and would hate to see you go!

Why do I need to curate reviews that are already autopublished?

Our system distinguishes between curated and published status for reviews to allow retro-active updates to the autopublish setting of reviews.

Specifically, turning off autopublish will unpublish all existing Reviews to Curate reviews, while turning on autopublish will publish all Reviews to Curate reviews. Don't worry though, the autopublish options on the settings page tell you the number of reviews - if any - that will be impacted and in what way.

Please note that if you want to mass approve or disapprove not yet curated reviews, you can go to the Reviews to Curate reviews table and click on each review you want to curate. A Curate these n reviews: Published Hidden feature will show up right above the table which allows you to curate all selected reviews as 'Published' or 'Hidden' in 1 click.

How do I install the Review Carousel on my homepage?

To install the Review Carousel please go to here

Don't forget to save the page at the bottom of the page

Once we received your request for the installation our team will install the widgets for you.

You can feature reviews in the app settings: Product Reviews > 'All Reviews' tab > In the column 'More' click the 'triple bar' icon and select 'Feature review (carousel)'. You can un-feature reviews in the same way.

Featured reviews will show a green badge on the left side and you can search for them by searching for the term 'featured' in the search box in the same tab.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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