Too many request response error when multiple API calls on one page


I'm a developer for the site

We are experiencing an issue with the plugin when users access to the Product List Page (where we have a lot of products)

Every product should have the review widget as you can see here:


but sometimes those reviews are not loaded.

After some debugging, we realized that there were some requests sent to the API that returns errors


We did some testing in Postman, and the endpoint works


but if you call the endpoint multiple times, or if you call it almost immediately after the first request, you get this error (too many requests)


Our question is:
As we need to show this widget in the product list page, and there are multiple products that should have reviews (everyone needs to do an API call). will be possible to omit that response for our page? I mean, you guys can create an rule or something to avoid throwing this error in this endpoint for this use case?


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Hello Victor,

I see you have already reached out to us via email and our team has answered your questions.

Please don't hesitate to reach back via email or chat if you need any further help or have any questions. we're available 24/7.

Kind regards

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