Shopify add brand name before product title on All Reviews Page

I updated our website so Shopify displays the colour for the title and the brand underneath the title. I did it this way so the brand name is clickable so customers can check out the entire brand if they want. This now feels more customer friendly.

The issue is on the All Reviews Page, their is no way to add the brand name in front of the product title All Reviews Page so the title Judgeme gives the products aren't very clear for my situation. 

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On the all reviews page, the brand is added next to the reviews as showed on the below screenshot

If you mean something else, you can reach out to us via chat or at and we'll assist you with the matter immediately.

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Hi! Woops. Those are the shop reviews so it has our business name there which is fine. What I'm talking about is the Product Reviews tab. I have attached some pics. I have tried the online chat and was told it isn't achievable but I was hoping there was someone I could make suggestions for future improvements?



hello there!

Unfortunately at the moment we don't have such a feature, but you can reach out to us at and we'll see if it is possible to custom code this for you;

You can provide us with your shop URL, the page you wish to add this feature on and also the text you wish to add.

Waiting for your email !

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