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Is there a way to only limit 1 coupon for the same customer? I'm having a  problem that the same customer is leaving more that one review everytime so that they get more than 1 coupon discount every 15 days. Is there a way to limit this for the same customer. Meaning that they can leave more than 1 review but since the same person everytime will only be eligible for 1 coupon and that's it?

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Hello there Marlene,

To avoid these behaviors, you can first set the limit use of the coupon to once per customer in the settings :

Also to avoid customers leaving multiple reviews on your product pages, you can enable the "web review restriction" feature, this feature would hide the review widget on products that don't have reviews, and would hide the "write a review" button for products that have reviews, this is to allow only verified buyers to leave reviews, you can enable it here

since customers would only receive one review request email for the product, and if they leave a review, and purchase the product again, they would not receive the review request email for it, that would prevent them from getting additional coupons other than the ones they have earned,

Also you can make sure that the conditions are set correctly for the coupons here

For additional information, do not hesitate to reach out to us on

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