How to put the reviews under product review tab on the product page ?


I just got a new theme ella and on the product page, I want the reviews to show under the customer review tab. Is there any way for me to achieve this? 

I checked and saw the judge me review on the right side on product page, which is not what we want. Is there anyway for us to make it happen like the pic in pic 1?

Waiting for your reply!

(82.3 KB)
(51.9 KB)
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Hello there,

The widget on the left side is the Floating tab (which is different from the one that should be added inside the tab) - to disable it you can do it within the Online Store => Customize => Theme Settings => App embeds ( then disable the Reviews Tab option

regarding the review widget (the one you want to add inside the tab) we can help to achieve that, please reach us via email (at ) or live -chat to confirm your shop URL and we will help implement it.

Thank you.

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