Preview Badge is shown two time, why?

Hi everybody,

I don't know why but the Preview Badge is shown two time in my product page. 

I see it just one time in the backend, but two times is printed on the product page.

Could you help me to understand this problem?

I attach here the screens


Hello there,

Could you please confirm your shop URL so we can check and remove the one added automatically? you can also reach us via email  at we will be delighted to assist!

Thank you.


The URL shop is

And you could see the problem in this product for example: 

THank you!

Hi there,

Thank you for your information.

Upon checking the page, it seems that the two preview badges are installed from the shopify theme editor.

To remove one preview badge, I hope you can access the Shopify theme editor > select product template page > locate the unwanted preview badge block(section) > remove.

Let me know if you need further assistances.


Unfortunatly I'm quite sure i have just one.

And I can confirm this thing because if I switch off the Preview Badges both of it go off and not only one.

Hello there,

Can we have a staff account to check this page?

To invite us to your staff admin, please follow these steps:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings, and then click Plan and permissions (or Users and permissions)
  2. Click Add staff
  3. For email, please use (First and Last name can be any name)
  4. We will only need permission for Themes

We will be waiting to hear back from you with this account to continue.

Hello there,

I invited you yesterday!

thank you for your support


It seems to be an issue with your theme adding the block to different places in the back-end!

however we have added the preview badge manually from our end please take a look and let us know if the issue is fixed!


Thank you.


Yes, the issue seems fixed! Thank you


You're very welcome

You can always reach us directly via email or via chat when you had any issues we will be delighted to assist!

Have a nice day

Also please don't forget to leave a review for me if you're happy with my assistance:
I would really appreciate it and would love to read your feedback

Thank you.

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