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how can I jump to a specific page for viewing reviews?

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

I assume that you're looking for a way to scroll down automatically to the reviews section? 

If so, please add #judgeme at the end of your product page links, and when the link is opened you will be scrolled to the review widget with writing review form opened.

We hope this clarified your concern and feel free to reach back if you need further assistance.

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Hi there,

As my understanding that you are trying to view the pagination from the review dashboard, if so I'm afraid we don't customize the review pages like that as the review rows will render by itself when changing the page so viewing the specific page with the an url parameters is not possible.

I believe what my colleague has mentioned is this example https://trendblvd.com/products/wic2-32-2015-id-55773#judgeme

Hope you can understand this.

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